The Power of Street Art | A Creative Research Presentation by Jessie Goldstein

Editor’s Note: In the fall 2020 semester, during the pandemic, Jessie Goldstein conducted a survey about her fellow students’ experiences and views of street art for a research essay in my Writing and Research class at the University of Tampa. For a follow-up assignment re-mediating the research (or putting it into a new medium) to […]

Visual Interpretations of Okada and Steinbeck, by Raeanne Watkins

Corrigan’s Editorial Note: In U.S. Literature in Spring 2015, Raeanne Watkins created the following images in response to John Okada’s No-No Boy and John Steinbeck’s The Pearl. Okada describes experiences of Japanese Americans after the WWII internment, while Steinbeck offers a parable, set in Mexico, about poverty and wealth. I find Ms. Watkins’ images striking on their […]